Features & Benefits:
  • A 30” x 40” reprographic table with a heavy duty, moveable electronically controlled column.
  • Fully aligned components CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machined to 0.005” to ensure even focus across image plane.
  • A utility shelf to hold lighting generator and camera accessories.
  • Four casters with adjustable and retractable dampeners for mobility, work surface alignment, and elimination of table vibration. This ensures the highest quality reproduction.
Ideal Uses:
  • Archiving of books, manuscripts, and serials.
  • Bound materials.
  • Objects to be restored.
  • Maps and blueprints.
  • Documents, seals, and coins.
  • Transparent objects up to 18.9” x 17.3”.
  • Glass negatives.
  • Historic glass paintings.
  • Rare materials such as valuable graphics, pictures andpaintings.
  • Industrial measuring and testing.
  • Material analysis, research and development.
  • Reproductions to visualize structures.