Features & Benefits:
  • Built to 0.005" tolerances to ensure image and focal plane are in perfect alignment.
  • Extremely accurate purpose-made helical focusing system. Does not slip even when unlocked.
  • Optional lock to prevent accidental changes.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of digital backs.
  • Built with the industry’s leading components.
  • Accepts mechanical shutters or electronic shutter lenses.
  • Ability to stitch images together for maximum resolution.
  • Perfect integration with the DT RG3040 Reprographic System.
  • Easy 90° rotation for orienting the sensor left-right or fore-aft on the working surface
Camera Parts:

1. Digital back with adapter plate (back sold separately).
2. DT RCam camera body.
3. Lens with lens board, helicoid focusing ring and electronic USB shutter.
4. Power supply for USB shutter.
5. Adapter plate for universal camera mounts.
6. Control box for electronic USB shutter.